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5 essential components of Hotel RMS

                     1. ACCURACY & HIGHER MARGINS Rather than relying on human error-prone manual methods, a scientific approach uses statistical algorithms to effortlessly perform the computations necessary to develop optimal pricing and revenue management decisions. An advanced RMS incorporates wide-ranging factors, swiftly processing data to improve decision-making and produce more profitable results 2. SUPPLY AND DEMAND A key function of a science-based RMS is its ability to forecast unconstrained transient demand rooms that could be sold with unlimited inventory available at a highly granular level, i.e. customer segment, arrival date, room category and length of stay. This is crucial for true profit optimization. As an example, a 200-room hotel with demand for 300 rooms would require a very different pricing strategy than if there was a demand for only 100 rooms on a given stay night 3. Precise Forecasting When it comes to optimizing pricing deci